Sunday 13 March 2016

Introducing the Epoch WebService for Low-Power IoT devices without RTC

Edit: the epoch service is down. There are so many alternative ways to do something like this. 

Today I was working on the OakPowerBoard project and I asked myself: why isn't there a web service that just allows you to get the current Unix Timestamp without having to parse loads of response data? Well, I couldn't find it! So I built it and deployed it to Azure! Until I find a shorter domain you can use the following URL as you see fit!

This will return the server time. No padding, no trimming, just the time! Neat, right? I've contacted the owner of, but haven't had a response yet.

So why did I do this?
The OakPowerBoard firmware does HTTP requests anyway, so doing a request to this web service does not cost a lot of extra code. Implementing a bare-bones NTP client is probably a lot more work! And of course, nearly every internet-connected platform has examples for a simple HTTP GET request, this cannot be said for NTP. Enjoy!

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